Contractor of the Year Award

At a time when supply chains are experiencing the most upheaval in decades – post Brexit, post pandemic and during a period of rapidly rising costs – smart management of contracts and suppliers is even more crucial.

Great procurement doesn’t stop once a contract has been signed. In a fast-changing world, the best relationships are those which can embrace change and that evolve to the mutual benefit of all concerned – including those for whom public services are being delivered.

Organisations that can build trust and positive engagement are more likely to discover new and better ways of working, with improvements and innovations freely offered rather than extracted.  

This category recognises organisations that are demonstrating best practice in the way in which they manage their contracts. Submissions can reference individual projects or initiatives that support their case or be focused on the overall benefits arising from the relationship. Evidence of how this approach has resulted in better, more effective service delivery or has helped to overcome challenges is required to substantiate any benefits claimed. Equally, examples of where a supplier has gone above and beyond what is contractually expected can be showcased – whether through the provision of additional value or in its response to a critical need.

Open to: Public sector organisations

Timescale: A GO Awards submission in this category must cover activity during the period January 2022 to October 2023.

Entry Questions

Please describe the contract and supplier management approach that your organisation has implemented across procurement. Please include details of why this approach was chosen and the aims and deliverables that were desired. (This answer will not be scored)

Please explain the level of engagement undertaken with parties both within and out with your organisation (contractors, sub-contractors, supply chain, etc.) to ensure that the contract and supplier management requirements are fully understood prior to contract award.

Please describe any barriers to successful contract management that you have encountered, whether internally, from bidders during the procurement exercise or at implementation of the contract and explain how these were overcome.

Please explain what aspects of your contract and supplier management initiative are particularly ground-breaking or cutting-edge and how has this impacted on the delivery of contracts. Please provide evidence of specific targets, key milestones, feedback received and performance indicators, service levels or other measurable benefits achieved. (Please include empirical evidence to support your answer)

Please describe any continuous improvement benefits that have been delivered, directly as an outcome of the organisations approach to contract and supplier management. Please provide an example of one contract and explain what outcomes have been achieved to date, since the commencement of the contract.

In what areas has the embedding of contract and supplier management exceeded the expectations of the authority, stakeholders and/or end users, delivering better outcomes than the core requirement?